Welcome to Liz Daly Designs in Greenville South Carolina
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Daly Made Designs: 3...2...1... Take off!

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Greenville SC Falls Park
Welcome to Daly Made Designs! 
The official blog of Liz Daly Designs: Art Gallery, Gift Store, and Studio located in Greenville, South Carolina. 

If you haven't heard about Greenville South Carolina before today first let me say that I'm glad you've decided to end your Himalayan hermitage and rejoin society. Then let me catch you up on the city that's been called "One of America's Best Downtowns", featured in National Geographic Traveller, given Southern Living's blessing, and made it onto a Buzzfeed list, as well as numerous other media mentions and celebrity endorsements. Obviously I could go on for quite some time praising Greenville's jubilant  street festivals, world-renowned local artists, down-right delectable dining, and quite literally breathtaking natural sights experienced along the Swamp Rabbit Trail and beyond, so that's just what I intend to do. 

Join me in this adventure becoming even better acquainted with this spectacular city as well as an in-depth look at one of Greenville's favorite galleries and the artist behind the innovative up cycled designs, Liz Daly-Korybski herself. 

Please fasten your safety belts, get comfortable, and enjoy the ride! 

There's a possibility that, if you're anything like me when I first I began working here, the blog title sounds a bit odd, but as Liz very politely explained after listening to me answer the store phone, "Daly is pronounced 'daily'." Believe me, there's nothing quite as embarrassing as incorrectly pronouncing your new boss's name as well as that of the store you've been working at for two weeks.

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